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Your A, B, Cs to Live Edge Tables

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Your A, B, Cs to Live Edge Tables

As technology continues to turn the world on its head, other aspects are following suit and as much as a great deal of them are being overlooked, they are making quite the difference. One of such factors is furniture and interior décor. So quick is the change that what might have been an in thing yesterday could easily be stone-age design tomorrow. So, you have to make sure that you have a hang on everything at all times to avoid being a victim of premature buys because of ill information. In that light, the in thing especially with tables in the modern day and age are the live edge tables. They have quite a bit to offer and bring a hint of the outdoors in doors.

What is live edge?

The first step of knowing live edge tables is understanding what they are and what they are about. They are one of those pieces of furniture that you can never fully learn to appreciate if you do not know anything about them. Live edge tables and furniture for that matters is a type of furniture that is made from wood that is not hurriedly taken through mills. Instead, the wood is carefully handled to make sure that the natural edge of the wood is retained. The aim of the process is to bring out the rustic and unique aspect of the wood. Of course, this would mean that there will be variations in width and dimension but this is more of blessing than a concern.

Types of live edge tables

Just like any other designs that you might come across when sorting out tables, when buying live edge tables, there are also a number of different options that you can look into. They are majorly split into two categories with each having its own distinct look and one that is quite appealing to say the least. The first is the bark on design in which the bark of the tree remains intact on the wood. However, there is vanish that is applied over the bark which makes it have a rough and rustic luster that fits well casual settings like restaurants.

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The other option is the de-barked or bark off live edge tables. This are the ones that have grown in popularity. The bark in this instance is removed from the piece of wood which gives the furniture a great and smooth finish. They are great for use in your living room and even the bedroom. If you are the kind that likes pushing the boundaries of normalcy you can even make great live edge tables for your office.

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Best locations of live edge tables

The only thing that can limit where you can place your new rustic designed tables is your taste and style. They can be a great fit for your home as well as your business depending on how you would like to place them. Do not forget there are plenty of designs that you can use for this.

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There are plenty of modern designs that you can look into when you are getting your furniture but live edge provides offers you great opportunity to not only impress others with your taste but also have a chance to brush shoulders with uniqueness. It is a decision that will not require much convincing on your part.

101 Interior Design: 5 Best Furniture Ideas

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101 Interior Design: 5 Best Furniture Ideas

When it comes to interior design, certain people definitely enjoy it and find it is the best the way for them to express their creativity. For others, interior design is not something that they are familiar with it, or are interested in.Whatever a group you belong to, here are several furniture ideas that will help you improve your interior designing skills if you already have some, or teach you some of the basic principles of interior design if you are completely uninterested in furniture and its arrangement in your home. Make sure that you read the best furniture ideas, as they will definitely come in handy.

1. Decorate

Decorating is one of the main reasons why people are interested in interior design. When it comes to your furniture, a lot of people don’t know how to give it their own stamp, or a certain flare. I would recommend that you spend some time decorating, as you will certainly give a different appeal to your furniture, but you will also express your creativity and your style in this way. To decorate the dining room, you can use furniture from the last century , for example, mid century dining chairs.

2. Use Your Experience

If you are keen on travelling, or have visited a lot of interesting places, make sure that you include all this experience in your home. Don’t forget to get acute quilt from a trip that can be nonchalantly thrown across your living room sofa. Not only that these items are a great conversation starters and topics, but they will also help you bond with the space that you are living in. In other words, if you want to use your life experience to give your own personal touch to a space, make sure that you implement some things that are meaningful to you that will complement your furniture in the right way.

3. Multiuse

A great furniture idea is to simply find various uses for our piece of furniture. So, perhaps your chair can also be used as a coffee table, or are you can use parts of your bed as storage space. Be as it may, it’s really important to make the most of your furniture, as this will help you create a bond with your living space.

4. Make Space

If you want to use furniture properly, make sure that you have enough space to use it. If you just over stack furniture in your home, you will soon clutter in your home and create roadblocks. Not one likes to live in a cluttered home. If you want to enjoy your home, make sure that you don’t turn into a hoarder, who will just throw in any furniture. Choose the furniture that is practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing and make enough space for you to enjoy it.

5. Find The Right Place

Sometimes it can be fairly difficult to find the right place for a piece of furniture. This is precisely why people try out various furniture arrangements prior to finding the one that really works the best for them in the space they are living in. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! That being said, you can always rearrange furniture if you’re not satisfied with it.

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